NJ Researchers of Paranormal Evidence

    APPARITION - a spectral image of a person that materializes even though a physical body is not present.
    ANOMOLY - An irregular or unusual event which does not fit a standard rule or law.
    CHANNELING - In this modern day method of spirit communication, a spirit will pass information directly to a medium who will then relay the information on to the listener.
    CLAIRVOYANCE - An acute insight or perceptiveness that enables you to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses in the form of mental imagery and intuition.
    COLD SPOT - An unexplained drop in temperature which occurs at the time of paranormal activity.
    DEBUNKED - evidence that has been scientifically explained or proven to be a natural normal occurrence.
    DEJAVU - a belief that one is experiencing something that they recall happening before.
    DEMON- an evil supernatural being which present as tormenting or devious in nature.
    DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER - small digital recorders which are used to document paranormal activity.
    DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER - a video recorder which is used to capture paranormal activity.
    DISEMBODIED VOICE - A spirit voice which can be heard without the use of digital equipment.
    ECTOPLASM - any physical substance created by, or accompanying a spirit's materialization or a white film like presence on a photograph.
    ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENON - a voice or sound that was not heard as spoken but is audible upon playback of a recording device. Believed to possibly be spirit voices or sounds.
    ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD - measured electrical charges produced by anything that uses electricity. It is believed that spirits generate and manipulate magnetic fields. Measured by EMF meters.
    EMF METER - A small handheld device used to measure and gauge EMF in MiliGauss.
    ENTITY - name given to a being which may be a ghost, spirit or demon.
    EXORCISM- a ritual which is believed to remove or drive an evil entity from a body or place it occupies. Can also be referred to as cleansing.
    GHOST - A spirit of a human or animal which may have been alive at one time.
    HAUNTING - a repetitive situation when ghosts, spirits, demons or poltergeists present themselves to a person or in a place.
    INTELLIGENT HAUNT - An entity which is aware of others and is willing to interact.
    MATERIALIZATION - A brief physical appearance of an entity seen as it is happening.
    MATRIXING - the tendency for the human mind to add human characteristics or recognizable patterns to sensory data.
    MEDIUM - a person with the ability to communicate with the dead. Also referred to as a sensitive or psychic. They come in varying degrees of sensitivity.
    MIST - a photographed anomaly that appears as a fog. Believed to possibly be a partial manifestation of an entity.
    ORB - natural collections of Electromagnetic Energy floating through the air. Usually associated with dust and bugs.
    OUIJA BOARD - developed in 19th century by William Carpenter. Game believed to measure involuntary muscle movements as paranormal.
    PARANORMAL - phenomena currently considered unexplained and out of the ordinary by mainstream sciences
    POLTERGEIST - non human entities that produce destruction phenomenon.
    RESIDUAL HAUNT - a haunt in which the entity may not be aware of its surroundings and is believed to be repeated over and over.
    SHADOW PEOPLE - a type of apparition which presents as a black humanoid silhouette with out detail.
    SMUDGING - a Native American ritual which uses sage to clear negative energy for healing and cleansing.
    SPIRIT - an entity that once existed on the earthly plane and has passed on.
    SPIRITUALISM - the belief that the dead are able to communicate with the living through a medium.
    VORTEX - a gateway that allows spirits in and out from the other side.