NJ Researchers of Paranormal Evidence


We use many different tools to help us do a thorough investigation of a location.
Each tool serves as a means of documenting claims of paranormal activity. Here are just a few that we use on a regular basis.

Stationary Infrared Cameras feed data directly to a Digital Video Recorder. This allows for continuous monitoring of paranormal hot spots

Handheld camera with infrared attachments are used for low light investigating.

Handheld EMF meters are used for measuring electromagnetic fields.
It is believed that paranormal activity can generate electromagnetic anomalies.

Handheld RF meters are used for measuring radio frequencies.
These meters help eliminate false positive EMF readings caused by radio frequencies.

Standard digital cameras are used to document the scene and capture photographic evidence such as orbs.

Full Spectrum Cameras are used for capturing photos and video deep within the IR and UV spectrums of light .

Green laser grids are useful for detecting shadow movements in a surveyed area.

Two Way Radios allow for easy communication between teams.

Motion sensors that are setup in paranormal hotspots monitor the area for movement. They are useful in areas that investigators are not.

Digital Voice Recorders are used to gather EVP evidence from within the white noise.

Voice Recorders with built in amplifying microphones which allow for real time listening. They are used to gather EVP evidence from within the white noise.

The Ghost Box cycles through radio stations in a rapid pace creating a white noise from which it is believed spirit voices can transmit.

IR and UV Illuminators are used to provide additional infrared lighting during low light investigations.

Temperature sensors provide baseline temperature and humidity readings. Investigators use these sensors to detect cold spots.