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Through the years one of mankinds ultimate questions has been is there life after death. Is there a place outside of these earthly bounds to which our spiritual self goes after we leave our physical existence? Each of us answers this question based on our own life experiences and ideas. Many people will tell you that they hope that there is that place. Others will tell you that life ends at death. Whether or not we are destined to go somewhere, why is it that at times the living have encounters which cannot be explained through conventional understanding. With the advent of various television shows, there is a growing awareness that we are capable of communicating with a world which might coexist with our own. More and more people are coming forward with claims of paranormal activity in their lives. Once unexplained experiences in peoples lives are now being studied and researched. People are reaching out to paranormal groups all around the world for help in dealing with these experiences. NJROPE is one such group.

I started NJROPE Paranormal because of my own unexplainable experiences. NJROPE is a group of researchers who each have a calling for learning more about this unseen world. We take what we do very seriously, and will work with our clients to give them an understanding of what they are experiencing. Our objective is always for our client to feel comfortable with their surroundings. Because NJROPE looks for a natural explanation for different paranormal claims, it is not always necessary to find evidence of a haunt. Rather, it is just as satifying to present this natural explanation if our objective is achieved. I would personally like to thank you for considering NJROPE. We hope we can assist you with starting that process of gaining an understanding of what may or may not be occuring in your life. We look forward to working with you.

Frank Lazzaro
NJROPE Director



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